In light of the growing number of homes and businesses equipped with easy to access surveillance, we believe that Police Departments also need easier, faster, and more user-friendly ways to manage, track, and utilize surveillance footage that exists out in the community.

That is why we have created MyCivicEye, a user-friendly web-based registry to manage home and business surveillance systems accessible to help establish leads, identify suspects, and save valuable investigative time in the event of a crime.

MyCivicEye is delivered to you by the MyCivic Apps team, a leader in bringing practical software solutions to municipal and law enforcement customers. MyCivicEye represents a natural evolution of emphasis on serving law enforcement agencies to help cultivate safer communities.

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See how our Registry can help your Department improve public safety and directly engage with your community.
What we’ll cover during the webinar:
  • How to search the Registry from your desktop or mobile device. This includes viewing mapped results and contacting registrants.
  • How citizens can easily register their contact information through your website or social media page.
  • How to seamlessly integrate the Registry into your Department’s website and social media pages as your own branded offering to the public.

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